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It is unfortunately true that when a person is abusing illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, the problem can go on for a long time before people around him or her realize that the problem is really addiction. The drug use might be dismissed as “experimentation of the young” or as something they will quit if you ask enough times.


But there is a time to stop thinking it is a “problem with drugs” or a “drinking problem” and start realizing that the real situation is addiction. When the user promises to quit but doesn’t – when there is damage to work, home, mental state, finances but the substance abuse goes on – when there are health or legal problems – an overdose – and still the substance abuse goes on. And when you realize that there is more drug or alcohol abuse than is being admitted – that is definitely the time to stop thinking about “drug problems” and start thinking about drug rehabilitation.


The problems that can come up when a drug user does not go to drug rehab are life-threatening. They include overdoses, assaults while the person is impaired, burns, drowning, traffic crashes. Addiction can bring about diseases resulting from a risky lifestyle. Also, users of methamphetamine, ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine and heavy users of alcohol have high levels of mental distress related to their drug use.


When someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol, the right time to start finding out how rehab can help is immediately. Call and learn how you can help a person who is taking pills, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol too heavily or abusing other substances. Learn the steps to achieving lasting sobriety.


But most importantly, don’t wait until the first overdose or injury. Call immediately and find out how you can help.

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