Lasting Sobriety

When someone is addicted, the idea of lasting sobriety is the best possible gift you can give them. They don’t need to have their rent paid or be given a place to sleep for the night nearly as much. Getting bailed out of jail or picked up from the hospital after an overdose, while helpful, doesn’t have the same lasting value.


A drug rehab program that really gets to the bottom of the reasons for addiction and provides the recovering person with the life skills to deal with life’s challenges is the greatest present you can possibly give to a person trapped in alcohol, prescription drug or illicit drug addiction.


But be warned, it may not feel like it when they make excuses and evade the truth of their addiction. They may blame you for their problems. They may promise to do better. If you have heard that promise before and see that it was not kept, you don’t need to listen to it this time. You just have one job. To find an effective drug rehab and get that person into the program.


But in fact, your job does not end there. Your job continues after they get to the rehab, because it is seldom easy for a person to face the bad things they did while they were addicted. And it continues even after they graduate from the program, in helping them plan that drug-free life and set the goals that keep the attention on a sober, enjoyable future.


But there is no greater gift for you than seeing that person you love live a clean, sober and productive life once again. In essence, an effective drug rehab is a gift for both of you. Get confidential, compassionate help in finding the right drug rehab in Melbourne to bring about a better life for the addicted person and everyone around him. Contact drug rehab Melbourne today.

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