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When you are trying to help someone who is addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs, the most effective help is drug rehab. Fifty years ago, drug rehabs didn’t exist like they do now. A person could go to a sanitarium and dry out from their drinking. But there were no programs that could counsel a person on creating a new drug-free or alcohol-free life for themselves. As drug abuse and alcohol abuse came to be recognized as the widespread problems they are, services began to be developed to help put people back on their feet.


The important thing is to not pretend that addiction will go away. No one who is addicted has an easy time giving up the substance they rely on as much as air or water or food. Getting the help of a drug rehab is the key factor that can make like worth living again for a person who has been addicted for years.


When you are looking for help for a person who has lost control of his or her drug or alcohol use, there is normally a considerable amount of repair needed to a person’s life. A short term drug rehab program very often puts a person back on the street before they have had a chance to recover physically and mentally from the addiction. When they go back into life unprepared to handle challenges in a new, drug-free way, a relapse can occur.


When a person is able to take the time needed develop new patterns of living, thinking and solving problems without resorting to drugs or alcohol, they have a much better chance at sobriety. The US National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a drug rehab program of longer than 90 days for the best chance at lasting sobriety.


For assistance in helping someone you care about – and perhaps that person is you – contact drug rehab Melbourne for compassionate assistance.

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